CII is defined as those facilities, systems or functions whose incapacity or destruction would cause a debilitating impact on the national security, governance, economy and social well-being of a nation.

Organizations engaged in contributing in critical resource areas like power, water, space etc generate and store huge amounts of data. These systems need to be protected in the manner of national resources because a compromise, or attack, may have grave consequences.

Autobot Homeland Security services provide highly specialized support for CII protection. This includes development of risk / threat strategies that will help implement preventive, detective, corrective controls, aligned and in compliance with guidance of NCIIPC (India).

Our forte – system security through protective activities like testing and hardening ICS/OT systems, benchmarking IoT/IIoT in critical sectors, and conducting VAPT on SCADA systems.

Measures for CII Protection:

  • Protect and Prevent cyberattacks against critical infrastructures
  • Reduce vulnerabilities to cyberattacks
  • Reduce damage and recovery time from cyberattack that do occur

Our Services:

We offer a good range of cyber security services to fulfil digital technology needs; especially associated with IoT (Internet of Things) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems.

For IoT Systems:

  • Cyber Security High-Level Assessment: Overall review of security against key IoT vulnerability as per OWASP IoT Top 10. We shall provide vulnerability assessment report and the associated risk report together with risk mitigation recommendations.
  • Cyber Security Detailed Assessment: Overall review of security architecture and design as per Cloud Security Alliance reference. We shall provide vulnerability assessment report of security architecture and the associated risk report as per the Cloud Security Alliance list of recommended security controls.
  • IoT Security Vulnerability Assessment: Vulnerability Assessment of the specified infrastructure of the IoT solution. Our team shall identify and exploit vulnerabilities to verify the risk exposure. We shall provide vulnerability assessment report, sample attack and exploitation steps and the associated risk report together with effective security controls and proposals for risk mitigations as per the priority.

For SCADA Systems:

  • Cyber Security Operations Review: Overall review the present state of the Cyber Security Operations as per NIST Framework for improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity. We offer recommendations for addressing any gaps that are identified during assessment.
  • Security Vulnerability Assessment: Independent testing of required and selected SCADA network segments. We offer vulnerability assessment report and associated risks along with risk mitigations as per the priority.

Our Skills and Experience:

Our broadly focused, qualified professionals and experts’ consultants covers all areas of cyber security and risk assessment of critical information infrastructure consisting of fragile network connected systems like real time SCADA and other devices deployed withing healthcare, transportation and energy supply industries.