Society is increasingly dependent on technology and connectivity. With networked wireless and keyless locks, medical devices, GPS devices monitoring our location and many such “connections” into our lives, we are existing in a Cyber Physical Systems (this is also known as Internet of Things or IoT).

Cyber Physical Systems is a combination of systems of varying functional nature, where the primary aim is to control physical processes and process the response(s), in real-time, to adapt to new conditions.

This is the cutting edge of the intersection of physical processes, networking and computation.

Such systems have widespread application, and are already in use, across many areas of modern life; such as automotive engineering, power grid development or healthcare.

Our services in Cyber Physical Systems Security addresses the following:

  • • Design and architecture services to secure your CP/IoT systems and setup in industrial, smart city and other social applications
  • • Testing of final or prototype products to detect security vulnerabilities
  • • Testing of networks, systems, software and embedded devices

Our services cover testing of connectivity and design aspects, wired or wireless, of such devices as well as the service(s) it provides.

Cyber Physical Systems Security is fundamentally an inter-disciplinary domain. We take an all-inclusive approach to cyber security and have broadly focused, qualified professionals and experts’ consultants with experience in all the relevant areas.


Our broadly focused, qualified professionals and experts’ consultants have core competencies in various domains such as systems engineering, computer networking, software development, real-time operating systems to resolve the security issues presented, including areas like threat hunting. The following is a list of related areas

where we can help:

  • • Anomaly Detection
  • • Bluetooth Security
  • • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • • GPS Cybersecurity
  • • Industrial Control Systems
  • • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • • OT Cybersecurity
  • • Penetration Testing
  • • Protocol Fuzzing
  • • SCADA
  • • Security Assessment
  • • Smart Grid Security
  • • Smart Cities Cyber Security Vulnerability and Risk