Data Recovery is the process of accessing, recovering and handling the data from damaged, failed, corrupted, inaccessible digital media that is not accessible through standard means. Recovery is required in a variety of situations from user error and deletion, to physical damage of the storage media, to logical damage to the storage device or the file system.

We have over a decade of experience in the field of data recovery and storage solutions.

Our Services:

  • • Hard Drive Recovery
  • • Apple Mac Recovery
  • • Laptop Data Recovery
  • • Desktop Data Recovery
  • • RAID Data Recovery
  • • RAID Repair
  • • SAN Data Recovery
  • • NAS Data Recovery
  • • Server Data Recovery
  • • Tape Data Recovery
  • • Database Data Recovery
  • • Encrypted Data Recovery
  • • Remote Data Recovery
  • • On-Site Data Recovery
  • • SSD Data Recovery
  • • USB Flash Data Recovery
  • • File and Folder Data Recovery
  • • Email Data Recovery
  • • Mobile Data Recovery
  • • Mobile Forensics
  • • Digital Forensics
  • • eDiscovery
  • • Emergency Data Recovery

Our Secure Process begins when you ship or bring the media directly to us. Our experts perform the diagnostics and estimates the cost and turnaround time for the recovery of data from the device. On approval, the team will perform the recovery and ensure that the deliverables within the defined turnaround time, using proprietary and licensed tools for performing data recovery services on every type of device.