DeepFake = Deep Learning + Fake

Output = Manipulate the videos that still look authentic.

Deepfake is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology solution that is increasingly used by criminals or persons with malicious intent to create fake images, videos or audio. These are such that it will be impossible for a regular user to be able to make out the difference and an insulting video can damage your reputation or a creative can be used to commit fraud.

Detect DeepFake Images Accurately

We help you detect fake images by comparing both (fake and original) images from various angles and verifying the faces with the help of team of experts. The detection and analysis is a highly manual process providing effective results for various situations.

We help you to spot DeepFakes with highest accuracy for all types of images, photos and videos of any personnel.

Detect DeepFake Video Services

These types of videos are mainly targeted to famous personalities, for example: politicians, celebrities, film stars etc. Manipulation of face, voice, lips movement of the personnel are performed and thus it becomes difficult and impossible to recognize the Deepfake videos for a normal person.

Criminals use DeepFake datasets and algorithms to find similar faces, then morph and transform them with those of well-known persons like celebrities, sports persons and politicians.

Women are a soft-target and pornographic videos are created by morphing their faces onto that of unknown adult actors.

We have database of all the celebrities and well-known personalities and our team of experts can easily detect the faces in videos of the targeted person to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the same.

How do we detect DeepFake Videos?

Our team of broadly focused, qualified professionals and experts’ consultants have a vast experience to recognize the unusual activities or actions that does not seem genuine.

Along with, we have developed an intervention system for detection which uses our proprietary algorithm to carry out a high-level search and comparison with publicly available images, videos. The search results are manually processed.

The analysis activity for detection of DeepFake videos is to assess features like quality of video, crop effects around the eyes, mouth, neck, blinking of eyes, inconsistent movements or skin tones, hair style, hair color, etc.

Our Offerings: DeepFake Detection Services

  • Detection of DeepFakes content such as audio, video, images
  • Training datasets for DeepFakes Machine Learning to develop the correct AI model