Mobile phones are ubiquitous in their use across all walks of society and inceasingly used for business and personal use. People are performing all their operations, whether financial, social or business on their smartphones. This has resulted in a large number of mobile apps being developed, many having dubious credentials, asking for all sorts of permissions to access data on the phone or to allow malicious access.

All companies are developing and launching their own mobile application to help ease the work for their customers. We help test the apps and ensure that the working is secure, as that is the goal of the developers. Mobile platforms have given rise to the risk of security threat to sensitive information that we have in our phones.

Autobot helps you to stay one step ahead of hackers with a wide range of testing services, and this includes identifying design defects, vulnerabilities and security weakness in mobile applications with the help of our specialized assessment lab. Our services are provided by a team of IOS and Android specialists to help your swiftly identify and remediate security issues.

We offer best-of-breed guidance to help clients attain compliance with various mobile device security policies and industry best practices (e.g. OWASP Mobile Top 10).