We provide risk and compliance management services to make sure that you just are ready to remain compliant with the regulations laid out by the regulatory bodies, the law of the land or any contractual obligations.

Our consultants are qualified, experienced experts who will work with your business teams to focus on risk and compliance management. This said, we can design the risk framework that will incorporates the values and practices of your organization to enable resilient risk controls.

We are ready to deliver and manage effective risk and compliance programs to spot issues before they result in a breach or violation thus helping ease the burden of compliance obligations.

A risk based program will facilitate your organization to make studied and analytical decisions proactively. An enterprise wide compliance risk management program will allow focus on prioritized risks and reduce the impact these may carry.

Our design for an enterprise systems-wide risk, ethics, compliance management program is created with the assistance of people, process and technology and will be the best option for objective, and proactive, decision making

Our services include:

  1. Operationalize Risk and Compliance Management System – Assess Risk Management Framework, Perform Risk Assessment, Develop Risk Mitigation Plan
  2. Analyze the collaboration between Risk and Compliance functions
  3. Train and Mentor to make a robust Compliance Culture
  4. Document Policies, Procedures, Controls
  5. Document Mandatory Compliance Requirements
  6. Deliver all aspects of Compliance as required and specified by the regulatory and statutory bodies
  7. Create risk framework and associated documentation as per industry best practices like ISO31000, NIST

The Autobot team comprises experienced risk and compliance management professionals with expertise in developing and operating risk and compliance management systems.

Why Autobot ?

  1. Efficient Support Services
  2. Subject Matter Expertise in Risk and Compliance Management
  3. Navigate the increasing number and complexity of regulations
  4. Domain knowledge across various verticals and business areas
    5. In house knowledgebase of risk and threats to systems