Threat Intelligence is the essential steroid for cyber security response and resilience in any organization. One must have intelligence of attack indicators (a.k.a. Indicators of Compromise or IoC) and thus have the ability of being able to identify an attack pattern and take appropriate action for proactive mitigation.

Our special service research group comprises experts in information warfare, OSINT, exploit development, malware reversing and more. The group also manages a network of strategically located honeypots as well as open source feed sources and attack news from all over the world.

Assimilating all inputs from internal resources, blending the same with of over 60+ external open source and commercial threat information providers our advisories provide valuable IoCs as an early warning system, on new threats discovered in the domestic or international networks.

Cyber Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting service helps the organization to identify, assess, monitor and respond to the threats in a timely manner, and ward off any major mishap.

Our Services:

  • Provide threat advisories based on:
    • Proactively monitoring and preventing malware, ransomware and new and advanced threats.
    • Use of IoC feeds to learn about malicious and unwanted traffic at perimeter devices.
    • Dark Web/Deep web monitoring and discovery activity.
  • Threat hunting and detection, enabling IoC feeds in your SIEM/SOC to actively identify/detect, watch and monitor malicious activity on customer network and domains.
  • Assist in threat scoring to obtain appropriate threat information and reduce false positives.
  • Recovery, remediation and analysis in the event of an attack.

Key Features:

  • IoC feeds for proactive protection from various threats and to raise your SIEM detection capability.
  • Customized dashboard to view your threat reports.
  • Automated alerts in the event of new and related IoCs discovered, and in the event of any malicious activity on your network.
  • Real time monitoring on deep and dark web.
  • Threat Hunting includes scanning for data leak, attack expectation and anticipation.