Security Awareness training is a mandatory requirement as part of all cyber security best practices, standards and regulatory requirements. Organizations must make sure that all employees attend security awareness sessions and update themselves with the skill and knowledge to (a) comply with organization Information Security policies and procedures, and (b) develop the capability to recognize incidents and alert the right people.

Our awareness sessions, are tailor-made for your environment since one size cannot fit all. The program content is designed and created by learning professionals under the supervision of our in-house consultants who are subject matter experts. The programs can be presented by our team or we can train your trainer.

The service includes the creation or of an annual awareness session planner which will provide the ideal dates for subjects like policy and procedure compliance, security operations, asset and risk management, acceptable use of assets etc.

In a security awareness program to educate and empower all the stakeholders who have access to the information resources reduces and minimizes the risk by increasing awareness and impacting culture.

Our Services:
• Deliver custom-made security awareness training programs
• Relevant and appropriate content to establish a solid foundation and emulation campaigns (phishing, social engineering, etc.), which helps to create opportunities for risk mitigation
• Create awareness outside of classroom training with newsletter, posters, email campaigns

Our Training Programs and Courses:
• Cyber Physical Systems
• Disaster Preparedness
• Compliance and Risk
• Audit and Assessment
• Deep Fakes
• Cybercrime Investigation and Response
• Data Recovery
• Many other subjects as per your requirement