About Us

AutoBot is a specialist cybersecurity professional consultancy offering pragmatic, practical and innovative security service solutions custom designed to match and scale with our client’s business requirements and growth plans.
The focus of our service design is towards proactively helping mitigate risks that arise and implement preventative strategies.

At AutoBot, we are cognizant of businesses increasingly modernizing and delving deeper into the digital sphere; and the increase in cybersecurity threats that come with it. We aim to assess the unique technology and business environment our clients operate in and help them protect their valuable digital assets by customizing their cybersecurity framework, strategies, solutions and strengthening their cybersecurity posture.

As part of our Cybersecurity Risk Management services we provide advisory services for implementing safeguards in the organization or managing the lifecycle of cyber risk. This includes specialist services like cyber insurance, GRC, Maturity assessments, regulatory compliance etc … Service coverage that will ensure our client remains prepared in a world of uncertainty and that their business is resilient and fit for the future.

AutoBot Cyber Risk Framework is our flagship proprietary solution based services which helps protect against economic damage resulting from errors or failure in securing the network adequately and protection of data privacy.

Our services are designed to minimize losses for our clients, in terms of money or effort, that may result from settlements and damages arising from known / unknown attacks, breaches, network interruption, cyber extortion, data restoration, and financial costs to third parties.

We serve a variety of enterprises, no matter their size and complexity.

From individuals to businesses and institutions (ie. government, academia, finance or not-for-profit), we help strengthen and monitor internet security while ensuring compliance that satisfies the clients’ stakeholders, using a personalized approach that creates a great deal of value.

We take pride in our ability to deliver and are always ready to go the extra mile for our clients. AutoBot’s technical team-on-board, with their expertise and experience, can ensure that the information assets and technology systems are safeguarded and attack-ready all the time. The team is complemented by a formidable force of Techno legal experts, Ex-Government, academics, and industry veterans as part of the team and the advisory board in the company's administration. This is a testament to the commitment to delivering high-value professional services that accelerate a client’s business.

Contact AutoBot today to get assistance in designing, implementing, and operating information security processes in an effective way that focuses on risk, innovation, and learning.


To provide a range of professional cybersecurity services for enterprises and organizations to strengthen their cybersecurity posture and protect their valuable information assets, systems and people.


We aspire to be a leading global cyber security firm driven by a passion for protecting clients’ valuable information assets, finances and reputation.

We aim to be the preferred cyber nsurance partner that helps ensure businesses and organisations have peace of mind and focus on what matters the most- running the core business, growth and succeeding at what they do.


Comprehensive Solutions: AutoBot provides a complete security solution built on a combined approach of innovative technologies, world-class expertise, and high intelligence capabilities. We go further to cover the entire life cycle of security operations, including prevention, detection, response investigation as well as insurance. We seamlessly integrate into an organisation’s existing systems and continually work round the clock to meet all the cybersecurity needs.

Cost-Effective Services:  We offer competitive, affordable and flexible subscriptions with no long term restrictive contracts. We have competitive Cyber Insurance options that guarantee affordable solutions to your needs. Through our proven competence, we endear to deliver a value-added service that inspires trust.

Tailored Solutions: We refrain from a one-size-fits-all approach but instead tailor a solution that best fits each of our client’s unique requirements. We provide insight into the security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by adversaries, as well as offer preventive solutions to avoid them from happening in the future.

Integrity: We strive to maintain a high standard of work ethic without compromising on client satisfaction. We adopt a professional code of conduct throughout our processes- including customer service, transactions, communications, etc. We ensure that client expectations are met and exceeded at every step of the way.