Our team of security analysts and engineers specialise in identifying and advising on the threats facing the client’s unique computing environment.

Mobile Application Testing
Robust Functionality & Non-Functional Testing

Our team of experienced software test engineers have expertise in functional and non-functional testing of mobile applications. The rigorous and proven software testing methodologies leveraging automation tools ensure that the mobile application functions as per the stated business requirements before delivering it into the hands of the users.

We focus on Application Security

Our mobile application testing services are oriented towards creating a secure space for users. We provide prompt vulnerability detection solutions with real-time vulnerability identification as one of our prime focus. You can expect to receive immediate notifications about these vulnerabilities, gain a clear picture of the loopholes and vulnerabilities in your organisation’s technology architecture and rectify the same.

We Test To Drive Continuous Improvement

We prioritize your organisation’s smooth functioning over anything else and strive to resolve all your concerns in the first go. We provide tech support for front-end and back-end development so that your development team can make a hassle-free integration of our software development kit across your applications. We aim to continually improve our services to provide you with the seamless experience of your mobile applications.

Testing For Enhanced User Experience

We provide a wide range of testable devices, hardware, browser versions and operating systems to conduct mobile testing. Our mobile testing tools and services will test your application to fix the security issues and provide you with actionable recommendations to improve the user experience considerably. We offer seamless support for all major operating systems, such as iOS and Android.

Huge Inventory Of Testable Devices, Simulators, And Emulators

You can easily use our huge inventory of devices, which we keep updating with the current models, to test and analyse the effectiveness of new app features. Additionally, you can leverage our emulators and simulators to deliver quick results for your ongoing CI/CD pipelines for your clients.


Verifying documents and images for fake or real can become a significant challenge for an organization. Our experts have leverage meticulous deep learning tools to help organisations detect counterfeit images of any type with comprehensive datasets.


Verifying documents and images for fake or real can become a significant challenge for an organization. Our experts have leverage meticulous deep learning tools to help organisations detect counterfeit images of any type with comprehensive datasets.

Deepfake Tools to Verify Someone's Identity

Verifying documents and images for fake or real can become a significant challenge for an organization. Our experts have leverage meticulous deep learning tools to help organisations detect counterfeit images of any type with comprehensive datasets.


Digital ads are one of the primary ways of creating awareness about a product or service. After using counterfeited logos and taglines in their phishing campaigns, adversaries can take it a step ahead by preparing digital ads using deepfake. These malicious ads can misguide and lure people to invest in dubious schemes or donate to a fake humanitarian cause. Our advanced deepfake detection services can help identify fraudulent attempts and keep malicious actors at bay to protect an organisation or brand's image.

Content and Content policy analysis
Content Analysis for Social Media and OTT Platforms

We wish to work with Social Media Companies and OTT platforms. We continuously analyse and research their platforms for any content related issues and inform them if their platforms are being abused with materials like CSAM, Drugs, Trafficking of women, banned goods, etc. We help them ensure that the content on their platform is in line with the Government policies and community guidelines of the platforms.

Comprehensive Content Policy Analysis for Social Media & OTT Platforms

We help Social Media Companies, and OTT platforms perform a proactive analysis of their content by using our content analysis tools and solutions. With our experience by your side, you can make the best out of it by drafting a rock-solid content policy that covers every aspect of sharing any piece of information while being compliant with government regulations. In addition, we will look at actual public content and conversations on the platform to identify gaps where policy can be effectively updated to address the root cause. We will also work to identify any serious violations that are not being effectively handled through the existing tools.

Have Your Current Content Policy Analysed

Our team of experts will analyse your organisation’s current content policy for ay data loss prevention. We help you determine whether it is adequately drafted, analysed, implemented and does not contain any possibilities for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by any employees. We will also point out any areas that are redundant and outdated in today’s context

Our approach is our USP

Our team of experts with both the techno-legal expertise and experience working with the communities undertake a two-pronged approach- first, technology-enabled review of the platform, policies and content. Second, verification and vetting of content policies, analysing the content and tools, and provide recommendations.

Business Continuity Management And Disaster Recovery
Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery

One of the biggest mistakes an organization can make today is underestimating the damage cyber adversaries can inflict to disrupt the business operations and put the reputation, finances and organizational information assets at stake. This can essentially make any thriving enterprise plunge into a deep crisis by bringing it to a standstill. Thus, it is only pertinent for enterprises to have a robust business continuity plan and disaster recovery strategies to come out of a cyberattack with the least damage possible.

At AutoBot, we offer strategic proven Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery solutions from a people, process and technology perspective. Our customized solutions can help bring an enterprise back to its feet in the event of a colossal cyber-attack such as a data breach, loss of system availability, zero-day exploit, ransomware attack and even insider threats.

Strategic Assesment and Business impact Analysis (BIA)

Our team of experienced professionals will start by examining your critical information assets, business processes to identify the vulnerabilities and gaps in the system that can cause business disruptions. At the end of our BIA and assessment, we provide a detailed report of those areas or business processes that are highly vulnerable and liable to be affected in the event of a disaster.

Business Continuity Management

After a business impact analysis, we develop a strategic and result-oriented Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery (BCP/DR) solution that helps mitigate any risks from any outages and cyberattacks. A detailed management protocol is prepared, including all the user roles, responsibilities and actions needed to be taken by various personnel in the event of an outage.

BCP / DR Training and Exercise

We provide high-end training and drill exercises that include validating the level of response from your crisis response team towards responding and recovering from a disastrous event. Our simulated exercises will incorporate employees and stakeholders at all hierarchical levels, including senior management, executives, etc. and train them adequately on tackling the aftermath of a cyberattack.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Our team of expert disaster recovery professionals will develop a plan to enable your IT personnel to recover critical data and business processes as quickly as possible. This is to ensure that you can keep your business up and running at a minimal level in the event of a disaster.

Digital Forensic
Digital Forensic

Digital forensics is a decisive domain in information security. It deals with the investigation of electronic devices to identify criminal activity and preserve the confidentiality and integrity of evidence presented in a court of law. Our digital forensic team examines such unfortunate events of attacks and can help organisations find answers that lead to an attack.

Digital Forensic Investigtion

Any cybersecurity alert or incident requires quick action and digital forensic investigation is the first action to hit the ground running. We provide our digital forensic investigation services through our expert analysts who have immense experience and provide their expertise to identify, collect, preserve, process, review, analyse, and present evidence over cases such as data breach, data loss, IP theft, among others, to derive conclusions for further technical and legal action.

Malware analysis and forensic

When an information network has been attacked with malware, organisations must act swiftly and effectively to control the network and the situation at hand. Malware Analysis and Forensics include:

  • Reverse-engineering malware.
  • Analyzing malicious documents and executables.
  • Developing measures to prevent the malware apart from preparing for future malware infections.
Electronic Litigation and Expert Witness

Litigation plays a major role during a cyber calamity also during the design of protocols and standards for cybersecurity responses. We consult with attorneys and work closely with enforcement authorities to follow the best practices in litigation apart from providing expert witness services for legal proceedings and preparing for depositions.

Process Optimization

We help empower your digital intelligence or security teams with the required knowledge and capabilities to handle digital pieces of evidence. We also optimise your enterprise investigative processes and build processes around information sharing with other organisations, legal and regulatory bodies.

Cyber Crisis Management and Readiness
Cyber Crisis Management & Readiness

A crisis has no calling card and we will ensure that our client(s) will be ready to respond and that their systems / processes are resilient to recover!

This embodies the AutoBot objective, goal and focus for the enterprise Cyber Crisis Management (CCM) services provided to our clients.Our services cover strategizing and planning to development and operationalization of the Cyber Crisis Management in the enterprise.We assist in the development as per Government or regulatory guidelines, as applicable, and cover CCM planning and operationalization as per compliance requirements.The Cyber Crisis Management Plan and planning includes assistance to document the plan and inventory the assets

Identify readiness, recovery and response activities and teams; communication and escalation process; awareness and training for all stakeholders; setting up the Crisis Committee and leadership teams; establishing a routine for drills / tests and reporting. In short, we will work with you to ensure the organization is fully compliant with regulatory requirements for Cyber Crisis Management which is aligned with international best practices.

Table Top Training And Drills

Our open-source threat intelligence (OSINT) feeds services include intelligence feed, a threat severity rating, feed integration support with your enterprise application, and news reports written by our frontline experts to help our clients take proactive actions before a threat materialises.

Cyber Poster Assesment

AutoBot posture assessment provides organizations with a necessary and important insight into the effectiveness of design and operations of their security setup.

Our service is tool driven, proprietary to AutoBot, which can be dynamically customized to the requirement of your organization. This means that if you can assess your security posture in relation to one or multiple standards / framwworks / guidelines.

The default cyber posture assessment is done against the baseline of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 controls.

Whether it is ISO27001 or any other standard or framework or guideline (e.g. ISO22301 for BCMS, PCI-DSS, RBI etc) our assessment provides clients with remediation / mitigation recommendations as per best practices.

Board Advisory

It is important to provide information to the Board about cybersecurity challenges, successes, projects and issues in the organization. In addition, the Board should be provided periodic guidance and information about new threats and risks.

AutoBot has a team of senior cybersecurity professionals who can provide the necessary advise and guidance to Board members.

Our Board Advisory services are unique as they will present technical information in a manner to demonstrate the importance and alignment with business needs. The other is to identify business needs and present the value being contributed by cyber security.

AutoBot principle is to keep the message business oriented and present in simple terms / language

Autobot Security Lifestyle Services

Our services, whether provided individually or as a package, are designed to ensure the …

  • Security of your information assets,
  • Compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards,
  • Resilience in business processes to be highly available

This is achieved by design and implementation of controlled ‘before’, ‘during’, and, ‘after’ policies procedures which will make sure you are ready for any unknown or unforeseen disruption or incident.


We, at AutoBot believe in the old saying that well prepared is half done and we help develop the policies, procedures, and plans for effective asset protection and business continuity and availability. Our proposed package of services to ensure your preparedness translates into a planned program of regular awareness, training, drills, tests, monitoring, reporting, reviews and audits with a high level of management and stakeholder participation.


During the course of time, we will stand by to help manage and analyze the security monitoring data as well as respond to disruptive, or crisis, situations. We serve as frontline decision makers in managing complex cyber incidents or work in advisory mode. During normal business periods, we will assist in the regular security or you can outsource the security function to us which will be managed in an on-site / off-site hybrid mode.

We are also actively available to respond to incidents and crisis situations with our expert cybersecurity and forensic team or to provide investigation and legal support.


Any disaster is a traumatic event for the organizations as well as the employees and stakeholders. We help companies in recovery and continuity activities first to ensure that business operations bounce back to normal asap, and secondly to extract learning from the cyber incidents to help improving your cyber resilience. In this phase, activities like response, containment, recovery, learning, investigation, root cause analysis and such are part of our commitment for total cybersecurity lifecycle services.

Incident Management
Incident Management

We help organisations from all domains and industry sectors to craft an overarching incident management plan that encompasses people, processes and technology. We help organisations in detecting and preventing any event or incident that can jeopardize their reputation. However, we also help them to deal with an unfortunate event or incident in case it happens.

Proactive Incident Identification & Prevention

We help organisations in proactively identifying and preventing major incidents in order to maintain consistent service levels across organisations. Ensuring smooth business operations results in enhanced user satisfaction and improved productivity.

Incident Management Plan Development

A SIEM, SOAR, or XDR augments the incident response strategy of an organization by standardizing and automating incident response to reduce resolution time and operational costs. We can integrate security tools and personnel to replace rudimentary processes. We can also orchestrate threat management activities by automating responses to security incidents with automated workflows.

Implementing SIEM, SOAR, and XDR Solutions

A SIEM, SOAR, or XDR augments the incident response strategy of an organization by standardizing and automating incident response to reduce resolution time and operational costs. We can integrate security tools and personnel to replace rudimentary processes. We can also orchestrate threat management activities by automating responses to security incidents with automated workflows.

Incident Management Best Practices

We help an enterprise in implementing incident management best practices such as incident classification, prioritization, logging, maximum automation and deriving an effective communication strategy, etc. We also help customize and generate periodical reports to maintain enterprise’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)