We aim to provide judiciary and law enforcement agencies with training on various cybersecurity awareness and cyber-hygiene matters.

These training sessions are customized specifically for people in the legal domain. We help create leaders with insight, skills and a familiarity with sophisticated technology relating to eDiscovery, forensics, phishing awareness, etc.

Our training includes a rich collection of case studies, visual aids and attack scenarios which creates an interactive platform for the participants to share their solutions, ideas, perspectives and develop the required skills.

Employee Security Awareness Training
The ‘People’ Part Of Cybersecurity: Training Your Employees

Employees are the first line of defence. A trained and cyber-aware employee who knows about basic cyber hygiene and cybersecurity best practices can help bolster your cybersecurity posture. We offer the necessary training to equip employees, contractors, and third-party vendors with the latest in cybersecurity space. Our experts are available 24x7 to guide your IT security team and other business units.

Everchanging Regulatory Landscape

Our training personnel ensure that employees understand the significance of regulations and know how to comply with them. We can customise our training modules based on unique enterprise needs. For example, PCI DSS, if you accept credit cards for payment, HIPAA, if you’re in healthcare, and GDPR if you’re doing business in Europe.

Our Phishing Simulation Tests Keep Employee Abrest with APTs

With phishing becoming the most common modus operandi followed by threat actors, such as APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats). Our phishing simulation tests help employees be alert and identify phishing emails at the source, take appropriate action, and keep track of their learning.

Security Awareness Checklist: Help Refresh your Employees knowledge

We offer customised solutions such as a simple security checklist that employees can download and keep on their desktops. It enables them to refresh their memory about important cybersecurity aspects, such as dealing with phishing emails or ransomware attacks. Our experts ensure to update this list at regular intervals to enhance security awareness.

Training on wheels

We at AutoBot take the cybersecurity-related training to the next level by leveraging training on wheels, a fully equipped command center, and an operational cyber range onboard a trailer. We offer on-demand gamified breach scenarios to train our target customers in specific breach scenarios, incident management training, etc. We understand that everyone has particular security needs and faces unique challenges based on the environment they work in, information systems they handle, and stakeholders they are involved with. We customise each training on demand, be it is a training catering to employees or C Suite and Board of Directors

Security Awareness Training
Cyber security Training for the people

Human error is at the core of the majority of security breaches. We offer security training that helps general users minimize or prevent the loss of personal credentials, money or both. The awareness program effectively identifies the common cybersecurity mistakes that public users make while surfing the web or using email services. There is a special training module to avoid cyber risks for people who are always on the move and use public wi-fi to complete their tasks.

Cyber Safety For Youngsters & Social Media Etiquette

Youngsters treat the online world as an extension of their regular life environment. Hence, they most certainly need robust security awareness training. We encourage youngsters to share with their family if any stranger tries to contact them online. Since they are primarily active on social media platforms, we teach them essential social media etiquettes and how they can be oversharing their sensitive information on these sites. We educate them to protect the privacy settings of their social media accounts.

Cyber Safety For Women and Senior Citizens

A rising number of women and senior citizens are becoming victims of fraud and for them, the internet is becoming a dangerous place. We teach them how they can get scammed out of their hard-earned money and phished for their personal information. The security awareness training program involves making them aware of the social engineering tactics like love, honesty, emotional blackmail, insecurity, confusion etc. and how they can avoid falling victims to the same.

Training Services
Time - Tested Training Program

Our time-tested training programmes cover a wide array of basic to advanced skills law enforcement agencies aspire to train their officers in. Our handpicked case study based solutions assist police officers, investigators, other officers and agency leaders (irrespective of their career stage or experience in cyberspace) to conduct their investigations and analysis in cybersecurity-related matters and reinstate peace and order in the most organized and organic manner possible.

Crisis Management and Effective Community Outreach

Communication is the key in case of an unfortunate event of a cyberattack. Lack of communication and crisis management skills can aggravate the situation in case of a cyberattack and cause further conflict between law enforcement and the public in times of emergency. Therefore, our services aim to prepare agency leaders and professionals with enough practical situations to hone their crisis management and community outreach skills.

Customised Training Solutions

Our online and classroom training courses can be customized to include the most dynamic law enforcement content pertinent to the vision and needs of your agency. These personalized training solutions leverage various training modules, simulators, and tools to help meet the cybersecurity requirements of the unique environment the professional operate in.

Facilitating the Technological Leap Need to Fight Cybercrime

Our training enables the judiciary and law enforcement agencies to cope with the changing crime scenes and complex attack schemes deployed by attackers. We assist law agencies in matching pace with the exponential velocity of technology change. In addition to this, officers also gain insight into future crimes and prepare in advance for these challenges.

Valuable Insights from field Experts and robust evaluation

Our trainers come with rich field experience in several critical areas like community and crisis management, investigation and deployment etc. They constantly reflect on their experiences and conduct training sessions that prepare agency leaders and professionals for real-life situations. Further, using our training courses provides agencies with robust evaluation tools to continuously monitor the progress of participants (chiefs, officers and leaders).